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Baby Safety Crib Tent with mosquito net

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Baby Safety Crib Tent with mosquito net

Baby Safety Crib Tent with mosquito net


My review of Baby Safety Crib Tent with mosquito net

We’ve only had this for a few weeks, so it’s hard to speak to the durability, but so far it’s good. We’re actually using this in a pack n play to hold in our wild 2 year old. Oh my heavens. What a godsend. We can finally sleep instead of waking up to screeching wildcat roaming the halls. Happily, The Wildcat has liked this more and put up less resistance to this than we anticipated. She likes that it’s her own fancy space. Win all around.



Product description 

The newly designed KinderSense® Crib Safety Tent allows an infant to safely sleep in his or her crib by creating a safe and enclosed canopy, which can only be opened from the outside. Our premium crib tent boasts the highest quality fabrics, reinforced seams, highest quality YKK self-locking zippers, and careful attention to safety. The bottom trim of the tent fits underneath the mattress, and the tent itself is fastened by eight sturdy straps, allowing the canopy to stay firmly in place. The highly durable see-through mesh fabric used in the tent, ensures breath-ability and provides protection from mosquitoes and other insects. The tent could also be used to prevent pets from entering the crib. We designed it to maximize space, creating a snug perimeter around the inside of the crib and making a safe little “home” for your child.

  • SAFETY FIRST – Safety was our top priority in crafting this extension to a crib. We designed the tent with precise geometry and avoided aspects which can enable a child to pull down on the tent canopy, such as camera holders, etc. This tent was also tested according to CPSC standards in an accredited facility.
  • PREVENTS INFANT FROM CLIMBING OUT OF CRIB | No more losing sleep! This crib safety tent/topper keeps your little one safe and snug in his or her crib.
  • PROTECTS CHILD FROM MOSQUITO/INSECT BITES | Made from highest quality, breathable mesh, with holes small enough to keep even small bugs out, yet strong and resistant to tearing. The tent can also be used to prevent cats/pets from entering the crib.
  • DESIGNED FOR FUNCTIONALITY AND DURABILITY | Highest quality, premium materials – 100% cotton straps and trims, highly durable mesh, and YKK locking zippers ensures the strength and durability. The tent fits the majority of cribs and maximizes space to ensure a child’s comfort. 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty.