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on the hills of freedom

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4 Bestselling Children’s Books

These are bestselling children’s books that we are offering at We have compiled these books to help your children develop strong characters that will help them in the pursuit of their happiness and life goals.

It contains two story books for kids and two motivational books for children in higher grades.


This is a classic children’s picture book, that is aimed at igniting the creativity in children, especially the talented ones.


This is the kind of book every adult wish they had when the were kids. My world, My marketplace is not only for children, but adults can draw from it, especially those who wish to create a second income source.


We at Pushaboo believe that the dream of the African child should be among the 100 best children books of all time. This book makes the list 2016 kid’s book as it tells the true story of an African child who rose from a timid background to become one of the richest in his African home. This book will teach children to pursue their dreams knowing that it would surely end in praise.


We are offering this as a bonus to every one buying this collection of books. It is only available in PDF format, which can be accessed by any e-reader. This children story book will teach your children to stand and fight for what they believe in and to say no to oppression and marginalization anywhere in the world.




  • fantastic

    It is classic. Full of silly and imaginative stories and images. It is charming in its own way, but at times can be long winded, like the dream of the african child.

    Overall, the book clearly makes kids feel they are special and worth celebrating for exactly who they are.

  • Great for your child's birthday

    There are pop-up pages starting as soon as you open 'on the hills of freedom' so this is a great tool for engagement for the kiddos

  • My son's favorite book

    I love this book. I bought it to add to my son's library. The story is cute, the rhymes and rhythm of the book flow beautifully and the illustrations are gorgeous.

  • Awesome books

    Omg this books are SO freaking adorable. Read it in the library over the summer and had to buy it for our son.

    The stories are beautifully rhymed, the illustrations are great, and not too overwhelming or abstract like some baby books, ahh! just so freaking cute. Probably my favorite baby books I've found this year, and I try to make it more engaging for our son (because it's totally a mommy favorite)

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