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4 bestselling children

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on the hills of freedom

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4 Bestselling Children’s Books

These are bestselling children’s books that we are offering at We have compiled these books to help your children develop strong characters that will help them in the pursuit of their happiness and life goals.

It contains two story books for kids and two motivational books for children in higher grades.


This is a classic children’s picture book, that is aimed at igniting the creativity in children, especially the talented ones.


This is the kind of book every adult wish they had when the were kids. My world, My marketplace is not only for children, but adults can draw from it, especially those who wish to create a second income source.


We at Pushaboo believe that the dream of the African child should be among the 100 best children books of all time. This book makes the list 2016 kid’s book as it tells the true story of an African child who rose from a timid background to become one of the richest in his African home. This book will teach children to pursue their dreams knowing that it would surely end in praise.


We are offering this as a bonus to every one buying this collection of books. It is only available in PDF format, which can be accessed by any e-reader. This children story book will teach your children to stand and fight for what they believe in and to say no to oppression and marginalization anywhere in the world.




  • Lovely Children's Story

    This is a lovely children's book with pretty illustrations and a great message for children, but i believe that 'the Dream of the African child' is a bit too high for children. that book should be for teenagers

  • Reading books to my children is my absolute favorite part of our day

    Reading books to my children is my absolute favorite part of our day. Every evening and most rainy days, my two youngest children and I cuddle up on the couch and together we read stories. Our collection is ever growing and I am always delighted to find a book that I am genuinely excited to add to our shelf. Their current ages are three and five so we spend a great deal of time enjoying picture books. We received our copy of “On the hills of freedom” by Valentine Hyacinth as a birthday gift. This quickly became our favorite picture book

  • Buy it! Buy it!

    Great for all ages! My 3.5mo loves it when I read "On the hills of freedom" to him! From cover to cover, this story is amazing and the artwork is beautiful! Highly recommended!

  • Great book even for the chromo cuties Hey John...

    Even though I loved the artwork I previewed, I was a bit hesitant to buy this book because my daughter has a rare chromosome disorder that may immensely impact her life… to the point where she may not walk, talk, or be a functional, independent adult. I was afraid this book would focus on "the wonderful things you will be," as in particular careers, activities, or things that required a lot of ability. Much to my delight, this book instead focuses less on specific activities and more on being kind, loving, adventurous, creative–things my daughter could still be, despite any limitations and obstacles she may face. This book emphasizes being UNIQUE, not necessarily being "able." I really appreciate that. This book makes me cry because I don't know what will happen to my daughter (nobody does–because her condition is so rare), but I love her and she is wonderful, and this book lets her know that!

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