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Eudemon Oven Door Lock

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Eudemon Oven Door Lock

Eudemon Oven Door Lock


My review of Eudemon Oven Door Lock

My son is 3.5 and he is also autistic so recently he had learned he can open the oven door, he doesn’t really understand when you tell him something is hot and I am not about to let him get burned to “teach him a lesson” so I had tried other locks previously and found as soon as the oven heated up they would fall off (the adhesives never worked)

I bought this lock and its been well over a month it was super easy to install and use and no matter how hard he has pulled on it it didn’t budge so I am very pleased, it keeps him safe and I highly recommend it if you have any little ones in the house. It has deterred him enough he doesn’t even try any more and he is slowly understanding what hot means. I have the rest of my kitchen locked up like Alcatraz so I am so happy I now have my oven door inaccessible to him




Product description 

  • ★WARNING: If your oven is under working position, pls take good care of your babies, our products can not take supervision of adults.
  • ★Easy Install—Install the EUDEMON oven lock with durable and heat-resistant 3M tapes, no drill and tools need.3M Tape with strong viscous (Effect will be better after 72 hours.) The stickiness are tested and can anchor up at least 35 lbs.! Removed without any residual, no harm to the oven surface.
  • ★Special REVOLVING design & Double Button Design—EUDEMON baby safety oven front door lock can free revolving for 180°,a simple “locking & unlocking” setting for your convenience. Special double button makes it hard for babies to open but easy for adults to open/close with one hand.Push the oven lock gently can change the lock from unlocking position to the locking position. The updated oven lock’s button color is the same to the lock, avoid babies curiosity to play with the locks.
  • ★Why need it—Prevent little hands from opening the oven and getting injured or burned, Keep little ones safe from kitchen accidents.
  • ★Made of heat-resistant PC material—Don’t worry about hands being scalded because our locks are made of heat-resistant PC material, also don’t worry about the lock will be roasted when using.