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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

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Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor


My review of Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

What can I say – this company have really listened to the customer feedback and made great changes to their monitors! Infant Optics recently reached out to me offering a replacement with the updated version of the monitor due to my bad experience with the older version. And wow, so much better! All of the cons have been resolved! The power cable fits snugly! It also comes with a USB charger now! And it no longer makes that crazy beeping sound when losing signal for 1 second as the wireless signal module has been upgraded!! We have been testing it out all weekend, and it is really great! It also comes with an additional lens, and back up battery – which is even better! On top of that, great visual on the screen and ability to communicate as always!

I love the new version of this monitor, and from what customer service has told me, the V1.3 is the newest version they are shipping from the Amazon warehouses – so you should only be getting this new version!

Thanks again Infant Optics, you guys rock!

Previous review for older version of monitor Mar 2017:
I have such mixed feelings about this, but please take this as a warning as I would never buy again. My hubby and I were looking to upgrade our monitor for our 2nd baby coming. We bought 2 cameras for this and several types of lenses. Below are my pros and cons:

Easy to operate and clear picture and sound

Has an awful beeping alarm when it runs low on batteries. Like shrilling piercing beeping. Ok, fair enough – the batteries are running low.
The power cord does not fit snugly into the monitor, and after 2 replacements it still does not. Hence the low batt sounds going off often.
Want to use your phone when the monitor is on? BEEP BEEP BEEP
Want to use your laptop when the monitor is on? BEEP BEEP BEEP
Want to watch Netflix when the monitor is on? BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEP
Basically anything that interferes with the range will send it into a beeping frenzy and make you want to throw it across the room. Couple that with new baby sleep deprivation and it is a nightmare.

I literally NEVER review my purchases, and we have now been using this for 2+ years, but it is nap time and I turned on my laptop and the monitor went daft. It was time. Time to warn you guys.




Product description 

The Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor has a long track record as a monitor that you can trust. Its compact size strikes a perfect balance between performance and versatility, for being a small and light enough monitor to carry around the house, whilst offer stunning video and audio quality. If you are looking for a baby monitor with camera and audio, the DXR-8 is the trusty monitor that will provide you and your baby that peace of mind. The DXR-8 is a video baby monitor with camera lenses options. Swap between normal, zoom, and wide angle (sold separately) lens to suit your camera placement needs. Take zoom to the next level by using the zoom lens and digital zoom together.The DXR-8 baby monitor video and audio feed is transmitted via a secure internal 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology. Unlike internet-enabled baby monitors, no information is shared or communicated through the internet on the DXR-8 video baby monitor, meaning your privacy of you and your baby will not be compromised. At Infant Optics, we are the baby monitor specialists where we never stop refining the firmware and software on existing baby monitor models like the DXR-8. We listen to our customers and incorporate changes to improve user experience. Our goal is to create the best baby monitor possible. ‘Top Pick’ by Business Insider on Aug 7, 2019. ‘4.5 stars’ by TechRadar on June 28, 2018. ‘Best Overall: Infant Optics DXR-8’ by Mashable on October 26, 2018. ‘Best Overall Baby Monitor 2018’ by Popular Mechanics on September 25, 2018.
  • 2018 AWARD WINNER: Popular Mechanics Best Baby Monitor, 9/25/18
  • PERFECT SIZE & WEIGHT RATIO – no large batteries to power energy-hungry large screens. The DXR-8 is light-weight and portable, designed for true mobility around the house.
  • FULL VIEWING CONTROL – The DXR-8 is a baby monitor with camera features such as pan/tilt/zoom and interchangeable lens. Fit the zoom lens to see closer, or zoom out with the wide angle lens. Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • ROBUST AND MATURE HARDWARE – the DXR-8 is fine tuned and refined over years of iteration from feedback of real users. Trusted by over a million parents, our award winning monitor is backed by vigorous testing and quality control.
  • PRIVACY GUARANTEED – Video and audio is transmitted via a secure 2.4GHz channel with FHSS technology. This ensures no data is shared through the internet.