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Castillo de sarrion



Castillo de sarrion

In 1997, Castillo de sarrion came about when Roman and Santiago Kantarero, decided to merge the accumulated years of family tradition and experience of their own companies, was created Vinos & Bodegas. Roman Kantarero Serrano at the time the family opened the first distillery in Fuente de Pedro Noir and successfully exported produced wine on the international market. Gonzalo Sanchez Kantarero (father of Santiago) and for many years successfully engaged in Vindel, being at the helm of the company Sivinasa that during 1970-90gg. He becomes a leader in the sale of wine in Spain. Vinos & Bodegas Vineyards are located in the region DO Castilia La Mancha, different continental climate in contrast differential daytime and nighttime temperatures, which allow you to create excellent wines in the refreshing acidity and fruity flavor.


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